Anna Seward et al. in Lichfield - May, 1795

from Letter from Anna Seward to Chris. Smythe, Esq., 7 April 1796, page 196:

They [the Duke of Somerset and Mr Mitchel] were here on our grotesque Whitsun- Monday anniversary, connected, time immemorial, with the charter of our city.—It is the vulgar jubilee of the town and its environs. Guns are fired over every house;—gaudy morris-dancers caper in the thronged streets;—emblematic figures, and garlands, are carried on poles;—meat, cakes, and wine, are given gratis, under awnings;—drums, and tabors, and fiddles, are dinning amid the crowd, 

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Anna Seward, Letter from Anna Seward to Chris. Smythe, Esq., 7 April 1796. In Archibald Constable (ed.), Letters of Anna Seward: Written Between the Years 1784 and 1807, volume 4 (Edinburgh, 1811), p. 196. accessed: 13 June, 2024

location of experience: Lichfield


Anna Seward
Poet, Writer
11th Duke of Somerset
Mathematician, Scholar

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Music at the Whitsun-Monday celebrations performed by Townspeople of Lichfield

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Date/Time May, 1795
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Anna Seward is recalling a visit made by the Duke of Somerset and Mr Mitchel the previous year, 1795.

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