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1401879865734: Begin completely re-writing “Christ’s Nativity”. P...

1408109491530: Finish (after one or two attempts) the Slow moveme...

1408439123013: Go to Ireland for good comp. lesson at 10.0. Come ...

1434898151519: Go to Barbara after dinner, hear bit of Prom. conc...

1434915839287: Meet Barb at 8.15 at Broadcasting House for concer...

involved parties

performance of '‘La fille aux cheveux de lin’ (The girl with the flaxen hair) from Book 1 of Debussy’s Préludes for piano (1910).'

performance of 'En Saga'

performance of 'G minor Violin concerto'

performance of 'Hebridean Symphony (1915)'

performance of 'Piano Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 15'

performance of 'Piano Quartet No. 2 in A, Op. 26'

performance of 'Piano Quartet in G minor, K478'

performance of 'Folk Songs'

performance of 'Hebridean Songs'

performance of 'Madrigals'

performance of 'Sadko'

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