excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 95 (176 words)

excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 95 (176 words)

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Starting from Victoria

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Round about 1919 I formed a male voice quartet and for a few years we did quite well, but as it interfered with my business interests, I was forced to disband it, much to my regret and that of the other members […]


We obtained a few engagements at the seaside to perform on the pier on Sunday afternoons and evenings and we made these trips as pleasant as possible. We hired a car to take us there and back and we have frequently started from London at 7am and not arrived back until 5am on the following morning […]


On another occasion we were engaged to sing at the Savoy on New Year’s Eve and some bright spark suggested we should pretend to be waiters and suddenly burst into song. We did, and startled the guests out of their wits. Their spoons full of tomato soup in transit to their mouths, when we started to sing, went up and down in nervous jerks and many evening dresses, male and female, were far from spotless. 

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excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 95 (176 words)


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