excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 95-96 (122 words)

excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 95-96 (122 words)

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Starting from Victoria

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[Leonard Ellisdon formed a male voice quartet in 1919 that performed for a few years at various venues in and around London before disbanding]


Then we were engaged by a firm of stockbrokers who, having made a lot of money, decided to put up the shutters […] The dinner started with the usual nervous solemnity and dignity but as the booze went down the spirits of the company first went up, but only for a time. There was champagne galore knocking about […] The assembled company got very sentimental and some commenced to weep bitterly, followed by riotous horse play […] We sang Grace and “When Evening’s Twilight Gathers Round”—the latter very appropriate, and that was all. 

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excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 95-96 (122 words)


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