excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 97-98 (167 words)

excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 97-98 (167 words)

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Starting from Victoria

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I can remember another occasion when passing Chancery Lane Tube Station. We were on our way to fulfil an engagement and one of the [male voice] quartet was not quite sure of his note, so we went into the station where the exits to the lifts are, and hummed a few bars so as to make sure. A young policeman on point duty heard us and got very excited, rushing in and ordering us to stop. One of our number indignantly enquired what right had he to interfere with us, stating that we were not begging, not causing an annoyance or creating a disturbance, in short we were not breaking the law in any way […] This was not entirely the end because we went on to the refuge where he was directing the traffic and sang a verse of “The Long Day Closes”. Whether we were within our legal right I do not know,  but as I have said the constable was very young. 

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excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 97-98 (167 words)


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