excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 3-4 (150 words)

excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 3-4 (150 words)

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Starting from Victoria

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The threat of hell was in those days a very favourite subject with parsons and Sunday school teachers, and as a kid I used to wonder why they put you in the doldrums with their gloomy forebodings and, as a makeweight, made you sing jolly hymns, such as“Weary of earth and laden with my sin” and ‘There’s a home for little children above the bright blue sky”. To me this last hymn was the limit—first telling me I was destined for hell and then making me sing about the home for little children that I should never enjoy […] I know I never could reconcile hell fire with a loving God, and a 100 years in hell seemed sufficient to me to make a bloke sorry for his sins, but to keep him there for ever and ever seemed a bit steep. 

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excerpt from 'Starting from Victoria' pp. 3-4 (150 words)


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