excerpt from 'Journal entry, 22–23 February 1813' pp. 68 (221 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 22–23 February 1813' pp. 68 (221 words)

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Journal entry, 22–23 February 1813

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After seeing the race won easy by Captain Coles’s brown horse we repaired from Blandford race down to the ‘Crown,’ where dinner was ordered for thirty at 7s. a head, and we having nearly drunk the landlord out of both his English and French wine, a grand attack was made on the Johnny raws of Blandford, in which were said to be captured fifteen knockers, three signs, and a barber’s pole. The boys then returned to their broth, and finished the evening with some prime grub, swizzle, and singing.

On the morning of the 23rd, after my getting shaved by the barber and sounding him about his pole, and making the waiter fiddle country dances while we ate our breakfast, we returned in triumph, with Captain Coles, the winner, on the roof; and having larked all the way down the road, we took a turn up and down Weymouth […] Our whole crew then began cheering, screeching, and horn blowing, to the irresistible laughter of even the gravest codgers in Weymouth, and the delight of all the damsels, from those in the peerage down to beggar wenches. All the windows were full, the esplanade very gay, and what with bells ringing, children squalling, misses giggling, and dogs barking, the fun was not to be described.

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 22–23 February 1813' pp. 68 (221 words)


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