excerpt from 'Béla Bartók Letters' pp. 264 (141 words)

excerpt from 'Béla Bartók Letters' pp. 264 (141 words)

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Béla Bartók Letters

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I am the moment on my way home from a little money-making tour: for 3 weeks I have been touring in the few countries that have remained free. I even managed to get to little Luxembourg (they have a good radio orchestra). Only the beginning of my tour really interested me- I started off in Basle with a performance of my new work (which I think I mentioned to you some time ago) for 2 pianos and 2 groups of percussion instruments; my wife played the 2nd piano and held her own splendidly. The whole thing sounds quite unusual – but the Basle people liked it, anyway. What a pity we can’t give it in Pozsony! Perhaps there isn’t even a Maschinenpauke in Pozsony, which you simply must have for the performance. The timpanist in Basle was a real virtuoso.

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excerpt from 'Béla Bartók Letters' pp. 264 (141 words)


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