excerpt from 'Asphalte' pp. 17-18 (104 words)

excerpt from 'Asphalte' pp. 17-18 (104 words)

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[Syd Foley’s step-father, Alf Sullivan, was a violent drinker whose arrival in the family’s life Foley equates with the end of his childhood] 


The next Saturday, the reason for Mum’s urgency walked in with her. A soldier from India, on discharge leave, he wore medal ribbons from the war in Flanders […] We went to bed reluctantly, leaving him down there with Mum. We did not like him, although he was brown and handsome and strong. Soon he was there every evening […] [T]here he was asleep on Mum’s bed , and Mum was by the fire, singing, and combing her hair. 

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excerpt from 'Asphalte' pp. 17-18 (104 words)


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