excerpt from 'Musical Reminiscences Past and Present' pp. 2-3 (251 words)

excerpt from 'Musical Reminiscences Past and Present' pp. 2-3 (251 words)

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Musical Reminiscences Past and Present

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By the kindness of an old and valued friend, and accomplished amateur, Herr Martin Herz, I was speedily introduced to most of the organists and composers of note in the town. The first organ I heard was at the church of S. Michael, celebrated for its great size and the height of its steeple. Herr Osterhault is the organist.


The variety, character, and pungency of tone in the flue work, is as admirable as their reeds and swell organs are poor and defective. The pedal organ, containing seventeen stops, possesses a power and individuality of tone rarely equalled ; indeed I heard no finer in the whole of North Germany.


The organist spared neither time nor trouble in exhibiting the qualities of an instrument of which he was justly proud. In a dignified performance of a fine fugue, the full power of its grand tones permeated the whole church, but the touch and mechanical arrangements I found from my own playing to be cumbersome and ancient. It is unnecessary to describe the organs in the other churches in Hamburg, as they are similar in character to that at S. Michael’s ; they all, however, possess a stop called “ Glockenspiel,” which is a set of bells from tenor F upwards, the largest being about 6in. in diameter, the smallest about 1 in. These are struck with wood hammers, similar to those in a pianoforte, and, when used in conjunction with light 16ft. and 2ft. registers, produce for certain things-very pleasing effects.

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excerpt from 'Musical Reminiscences Past and Present' pp. 2-3 (251 words)


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