excerpt from 'Musical Reminiscences Past and Present' pp. 1-2 (223 words)

excerpt from 'Musical Reminiscences Past and Present' pp. 1-2 (223 words)

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Musical Reminiscences Past and Present

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 Hamburg literally swarms with theatres and concert rooms. To some of these I repaired in the evening; but there is no music to be heard in these places without eating and drinking yet all these gastronomic proceedings were carried on with such quiet and order that one's enjoyment of the music was scarcely ever marred.

One of the largest of the second-class theatres (the principal ones being closed at this period of the year) is the “Theater der central Halle.,, Here (the admission to the stalls being only 4d.) after a drama, which appeared to interest the large audience amazingly, came a concert of rather a peculiar description. Eight ladies appeared on the stage, with their stringed instruments in their hands, and, accompanied by the band, played, on violins and violoncellos, Mendelssohn’s “ Wedding March,” an overture, and other pieces, with a remark­able taste, precision, and effect, which elicited long and loud applause, the “ Wedding March ” being redemanded. The orchestra then played several pieces, and I may here observe how I was struck not only upon this occasion, but also at other times, by the excellent way in which the wood and brass instruments were played ; the tone invariably being softer and more refined than that of similar instruments in most of our own theatrical bands.




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excerpt from 'Musical Reminiscences Past and Present' pp. 1-2 (223 words)


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