excerpt from 'Reminiscences of the Opera' pp. 91 (122 words)

excerpt from 'Reminiscences of the Opera' pp. 91 (122 words)

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Reminiscences of the Opera

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The other novelty was Ricci's “Corrado d'Altamura”, which was supported by Grisi, Mario, and Fornasari. This opera had been one of the items of the original programme of the season, but although it had been produced at almost every continental theatre, even out of Italy, it never was calculated to make a favourable impression on the London boards. It made its appearance towards the close of the season, but even had it been brought forward at a more auspicious date, it is questionable whether it could ever have maintained its ground. A heavy opera, based upon a dull libretto, had little chances in its favour with an excitement-seeking London audience, and "Corrado d'Altamura" was only performed on one single night.

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excerpt from 'Reminiscences of the Opera' pp. 91 (122 words)


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