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excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (291 words)

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My favourite memory of the Royal Festival Hall was on Friday 19th February 2004 when Brian Wilson appeared with his band to premier the highly acclaimed masterpiece album - SMILE. In 1967 SMILE was shelved by Brian Wilson for being too avant guard, an album ahead of its time and a triumph over adversity in his troubled life.  He has bounced back with the support of his dedicated family, devoted band and loyal fans. The foyer bar was the meeting place for fans from all over the world to relax and chat about this man and his music.  The euphoria and excitement in the Royal Festival Hall on that evening was like nothing experienced before. Nine months prior to the event, tickets went on sale and everyone knew that the RFH was the perfect place to hold this historical and magical event.  His fans absolutely love this venue for him to appear and perform his stunningly beautiful music, and we know that Brian and his band love the venue too.  There is always a wonderful atmosphere as soon as you walk through the doors which everyone feels and loves. On that very special night, at 7:30 pm the curtain dropped, the lights came on the stage to show Brian and his band sitting in a semi circular group, the audience went wild and we knew that we going to see something very, very special.  It was a night I will never ever forget. I am enclosing some photos that I took before and during the concert and sincerely hope that when the Royal Festival Hall opens again in 2007, that on opening night, Brian Wilson, his Band and the fans will be there to celebrate many, many more years of this treasured landmark in London.

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excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (291 words)


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