excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (96 words)

excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (96 words)

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It was summer time in the 1980s,late 1980s (-perhaps 1989?) when the late Herbert von Karajan came to the South Bank with his  big band ,The Berlin Philharmonc. Everyone scratched their heads in the first haff as the numbers of the Orchestra were dressed casually with no black ties.Eventualy it was explained that their evening wear had been lost by baggage control on the flight over. Nevertheless, a fine performance-Herbert''s last at the SBank.1993 or 1994-a fantastic redition of Betthoven's 4th Piano Concerto by Maria Joao Pries-so moving and technically brilliant. The finest performance ever !

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excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (96 words)


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