excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (118 words)

excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (118 words)

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Memories are made of this:- It was Feb 13th 2004 on the eve of Bill's 100th birthday which falls on St Valentine's Day! My husband and I took Bill (registered blind) to the Festival Hall for the Glen Miller show (a favourite of his) and we couldn't have chosen a better venue to celebrate a very special birthday - 100 years. Bill toe tapped to the tunes he remembered so well, his face aglow, smiling through a few trickling tears. The climax came after the interval when "Happy Birthday" rang out. The audience applauded loudly while Bill clapped himself when he realised this greeting was for him. And a year later he still talks about that night - wonderful!

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excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (118 words)


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