excerpt from 'Journal entry, 11 June 1830' pp. 399–400 (219 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 11 June 1830' pp. 399–400 (219 words)

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Journal entry, 11 June 1830

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And this morning went at eight to the Palazzo Accoramboni, to see the procession of the Corpus Domini, and was disappointed. […] 

The magnificence of ceremonies and processions here depends upon the locality, and the awnings and flowers round the piazza spoilt it all. It was long and rather tiresome—all the monks and religious orders in Rome, the cardinals and the Pope, plenty of waxlights, banners, and crosses, the crosses of Constantine and Charlemagne. […] All the Ambassadors and foreigners were in this palace, and from it we flocked to St. Peter’s, which is always a curious sight on these occasions from the multitudes in it and the variety of their appearance and occupation—cardinals, princes, princesses, mixed up with footmen, pilgrims, and peasants. Here, Mass going on at an altar, and crowds kneeling round it; there, the Host deposited amidst a peal of music at another; in several corners, cardinals dressing or undressing, for they all take off the costume they wore in the procession and resume their scarlet robes in the church; men hurrying about with feathers, banners, and other paraphernalia of the day, the peasantry in their holiday attire, and crowds of curious idlers staring about. All this is wonderfully amusing, and is a scene which presents itself in continual variety.

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 11 June 1830' pp. 399–400 (219 words)


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