excerpt from 'Beginnings and Endings' pp. 29 (102 words)

excerpt from 'Beginnings and Endings' pp. 29 (102 words)

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Beginnings and Endings

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Meanwhile, as a Sixth-Former, the musical weekends continued to be split into two widely different activities. Saturday was always brought to an end with the local dance band, eight strong and really not too bad, where the virtue of ensemble section playing was as important as the other less obvious virtue of extemporization, an aspect of clarinet-playing I still love to indulge whenever I get the chance. There was the chance to correct intonation correction too, and the ability to approach a microphone in the right way. Nothing learnt then has been wasted, even thought it was not first-class at the time.

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excerpt from 'Beginnings and Endings' pp. 29 (102 words)


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