excerpt from 'The North Country' pp. 245-52 (164 words)

excerpt from 'The North Country' pp. 245-52 (164 words)

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The North Country

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A few miles away away, in a village just over the hill from Rotherham, stands what is perhaps the plushest working-men's club in the North, the Greasbrough Social Club. As such clubs go, Greasbrough is avant garde. Club-men from other areas travel a hundred miles or more to sample its splendours. It sets standards of entertainment and opulence to which scores of less sophisticated clubs aspire...

The next turn was Delightful Susan Lane, the Lovely Lady of Song. She turned out to be a much better than average performer of semi-operatic numbers, and soon had the audience in awed and appreciative silence. At one table there was a group from North Yorkshire - '47s 6d from Redcar' - already with several rounds of pints behind them. 'My God', said one of them, 'this is better than t'Palladium.' Another began to hum in a fruity baritone, obviously warming up, but an old man at the table raised his forefinger reverentially to his lips.

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excerpt from 'The North Country' pp. 245-52 (164 words)


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