excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. I:15 (160 words)

excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. I:15 (160 words)

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Memories: Minnie Frisby

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Now I must tell you a little about a family named Evans […] they were a family of lads, and were [always] around our house playing; Frank the second eldest was a little bit older than me, and couldn’t he play the Melodion; yes I always knew when Frank was about, I think he was my first sweetheart; ah, many a stroll I used to take with Frank […] Well as you may guess the Evans family always used to make a fuss of their cousin Mabel, and she too could play the Melodion and sing, she had a lovely contralto voice; at Xmas she would take her Melodion and go Carol singing, and wouldn’t she get some money; sometimes she would sing some Carols at the Dodford Inn, and they would whip round for her, and she wouldn’t half get some money; she was a pretty country girl too, had long black curls. 

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excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. I:15 (160 words)


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