excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:11 (178 words)

excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:11 (178 words)

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Memories: Minnie Frisby

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[Minnie Frisby trained and then worked as a dressmaker when she was in her teens. In this memory she is employed by Mr and Mrs Rawlings]


[J]ust a word or two about him; we girls used to call him “Daddy”, and a proper ‘Molly” he was in the house, used to do all the housework except for a little help; Mrs R had too much business, she would keep us girls often till 9 o’clock at night if there was work to be finished; 8 o’clock we were supposed to leave. [...]


I remember how annoyed he used to get when the fair came, our workroom used to overlook the fair ground, and I know when the music used to start our feet would begin to tap and there wouldn’t be much sewing done then, he was always saying what a nuisance the music was, and I believe he made complaints about it, at any rate they won’t let music be played for weeks at a time now. 

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excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:11 (178 words)


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