excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:17 (213 words)

excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:17 (213 words)

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Memories: Minnie Frisby

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[Minnie Frisby wrote down this memory on 11 August 1947]


How my memory goes back to the [Harvest Thanksgiving] services we had 50 and 60 years ago in our little Chapel at Dodford, and where I used to play the Harmonion [sic].



Ah , about that Harmonion, - let me tell you about another humiliating experience; - I’ll never forget the first time I tried to play it.  I’ll tell you here I was considered to play the Piano fairly well, and at that time they were depending on anyone voluntary to play the Harmonion for the services; at one of the meetings my Father said I would play, and without asking me; well the first time I remember it was at the Rex. J Fords service. 


I could play hymns quite well on the piano, but oh, when I tried to get a sound out of the Harmonion it was awful; of course I had never done any peddling [sic], and the row – it comes to me now – and how flustered I was; and of course it was sure to be when the Rev. J. Ford was there; he was out Minister then, and would come to take the services once a month, other times we would have local preachers.

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excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:17 (213 words)


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