excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. I.1 (130 words)

excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. I.1 (130 words)

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Memories: Minnie Frisby

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[Minnie Frisby's father, Joseph Jones, was a Nailer and a watercress farmer]


I know my father used to idolize and spoil me, and I remember how he used to stand me between his knees and sing to me, with one hand on his knee and his feet beating time ; he would sing the Negro Spirituals, and all the old songs such as :- ‘Oh Susieanna, oh don’t you cry for me” and the one—“Oh my darling Nellie Gray, they have taken her away”, and also, “I have no wife to bother my life, as the world I go travelling through, and never sit down with a tear or a frown, but paddle my own canoe”, yes, he was always singing.

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excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. I.1 (130 words)


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