excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:9 (367 words)

excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:9 (367 words)

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Memories: Minnie Frisby

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I remember the various theatrical companies that used to come and the plays, also Dysons Gypsy Choir and Christie Minstrals..I remember one particular play called the “Lady Slavey” and I think I have a song now that was first sung in that play, called—“In Friendships Name”- a beautiful song, I remember the words perfectly today; ah, and talking about old songs I was asked some time ago if I could remember the song about the Golden Wedding; someone was trying to get it but was told it was out of print; however, I said I could remember most of the words, and tune, and would write them down, which I did; I think I will write them here, perhaps someone will sing it when I am gone, it’s called:-


50 Years Ago


This morning at breakfast I said to my wife,

But one Golden Wedding we have in this life,

We’ll go to the Church with our cheeks all aglow

As we used to those two score and ten years ago

So it is, so it is, said my dear old wife Jane,

Lets have our old wedding day over again

And go to Church with our cheeks all aglow

As we used to those two score and ten years ago.



Oh for the Golden visions

Oh for the crimson glow,

Oh for the Golden day dreams,

Fifty long years ago.

Oh for the fairy voices

And the songs they used to sing,

Telling of Heavenly joys my boys

Found in a Golden ring.


2nd verse.

The service was ended, we marched through the door,

And into the buttercup meadow once more,

I plucked Jane a bunch and she asked for a pin,

Which I gave and she fastened them under her chin.

The Church bells were ringing the birds singing sweet,

And friend with their voices and music to greet,

And gay were the footsteps that tripped to and fro,

In days that are two score and ten years ago. 




Ah, old songs how I recall them; I’m sure we sang more in the old days than we do today. 

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excerpt from 'Memories: Minnie Frisby' pp. II:9 (367 words)


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