excerpt from 'Selected Correspondance of Fryderyck Chopin' pp. 33 (240 words)

excerpt from 'Selected Correspondance of Fryderyck Chopin' pp. 33 (240 words)

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Selected Correspondance of Fryderyck Chopin

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A week later I played again-- they insisted. I was glad I did, so that people at home should not say, "He played once and fled". Another reason was that I had resolved to play at a second concert that Krakowiak Rondo which had filled Gyrowetz, Lachner, other Viennese experts and even the orchestra with enthusiasm. (Forgive me for saying all this.) In the end I was recalled not once but twice. At my second concert I had also to repeat the Variations, for both the ladies and Haslinger were immensely taken by them. They will appear in the Odeon collection that is honour enough, I suppose. Lichtenstein, Beethoven's patron, offered me his piano for the concert a great favour as it appeared to him that the tone of mine was too thin; but it's my way of playing, which once again the ladies found so attractive, particularly Mlle. Blahetka, the leading Viennese woman pianist who must have indeed been very impressed, for she gave me her own compositions with an autograph dedication as a souvenir when I left [...] The Viennese newspapers wrote of my second concert: "Here is a young man who does things in his own manner, a style which he knows how to employ with success and which is far removed from all other types of concerted music," etc. I imagine I need say no more, since the notice ends: "Today also, Mr Chopin gave general satisfaction".

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excerpt from 'Selected Correspondance of Fryderyck Chopin' pp. 33 (240 words)


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