excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 202 (106 words)

excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 202 (106 words)

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Doggin' around

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One of my proudest evenings, and this is a true anorak's confession, was in Stockholm. I was doing a last minute rewrite on a thriller [...] One of the Swedish producers invited me round to his house for supper.  Knowing of my passion he had lined up some music to eat and drink by, this being Scandinavia - and the implied challenge was to name the musicians.  They were, naturally, the local heroes: Lars Gullin, Arne Domnérus, Bengt Hallberg. I scored a hundred per cent.  At any rate that's the way I remember it, to the extent that I remember anything at all about the evening.

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excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 202 (106 words)


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