excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 128 (98 words)

excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 128 (98 words)

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Doggin' around

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We married at Camden Registry Office on Saturday September 27th 1986 and had the party at Ronnie's the following evening. An old friend from the North, Bernie Cash, led the band on bass and, in the interests of completeness, the rest of them were Stan Robinson (tenor), Ray Manderson (trumpet), Dave Cliff (guitar) and Mark Taylor (drums). Shirley and I led the dancing to 'Lester Leaps In'.
What a swell party it was.


The documentary director, John Jeremy, brought the American singer, Cynthia McPherson, over from Paris as his wedding present and she sang 'My Funny Valentine' for us.

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excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 128 (98 words)


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