excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 108-109 (106 words)

excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 108-109 (106 words)

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Doggin' around

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One evening we were booked to appear at the church hall in Little Weighton, a village to the west of the city. We arrived early and went for a drink in the local pub. As we started to drink, the sound of Oscar Peterson filled the bar. I checked with the barman.
'Is that Oscar Peterson?'
'The one and only.'
'I don't think I've ever heard Oscar Peterson in a pub.'
'It's strictly against regulations. I'm supposed to play official music supplied by the brewery, but it's all crap so I always play my own tapes in the early evening before the place fills up.'

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excerpt from 'Doggin' around' pp. 108-109 (106 words)


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