excerpt from 'The Beecham Years' pp. 100 (156 words)

excerpt from 'The Beecham Years' pp. 100 (156 words)

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The Beecham Years

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In 1948 we gave a series of concerts around Easter with a small RO, Sir Thomas Beecham, John Pritchard - at that time a répétiteur of Glyndebourne Opera - and many famous visitors. It was the first time I was billed with the superb oboeist [sic] Leon Goossens, which thrilled me; there was a well-known pianist called William Glock, later Sir William of BBC directing fame, the viola player Frederick Riddle, 'cellist Anthony Pini and a brand-new quartet without a name whose list of players read: Schidloff [sic], Nissel, Brainin and Lovett. The Amadeus Quartet, of course, it soon became, but with the players reversed, the leader Norbert Brainin then on viola, and the violist Peter Schidloff [sic] leading on violin; Not all this wealth of talent could bring warmth or comfort to the damp and dismal place Glyndebourne Opera House still was, even though it was a fine series of concerts and reasonable attended.

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excerpt from 'The Beecham Years' pp. 100 (156 words)


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