excerpt from 'Ellen Gill's Diary' pp. 15-16 (149 words)

excerpt from 'Ellen Gill's Diary' pp. 15-16 (149 words)

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Ellen Gill's Diary

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[Ellen Gill gives a detailed account of the party her daughter Betty arranged to celebrate her parents’ golden wedding anniversary, the official date of which was 11 March 1964]


Dad and I were told some weeks ago that Betty and Charles were arranging a Family Party at their home at 441 Otley Old Road. It was to be on Saturday March 7th as that was the most convenient day for everybody […]


The food was set out beautifully, including a lovely cake in Gold and White - a lovely surprise for Dad and me as it had been kept a secret […]


After supper [my son] Arthur played the piano as we sung well known songs. Later Betty played and we finished up with a selection of our favourite hymns […]


Next morning (Sunday) […] Betty remarked that fifteen of the guests at our Party were able to play the piano. 

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excerpt from 'Ellen Gill's Diary' pp. 15-16 (149 words)


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