excerpt from 'Beneath the Underdog' pp. 60 (153 words)

excerpt from 'Beneath the Underdog' pp. 60 (153 words)

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Beneath the Underdog

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Charles went to the record date and the minute he heard Red [Callender] play he wanted him to be his teacher.  He told Britt, ‘Man, in the break he was sitting alone playing “Body and Soul.” I was so surprised to hear anybody doing that with a bass – using the bow like in the things that Menuhin and Heifetz play – up high in the harmonic positions, like, you know, Bartok’s violin concerto – de ya do, do e de la – Britt, when I start really learning to play, people will see me big, with a big bass, but when I want it they’ll hear a viola, my magic viola that plays high as a violin and low as a bass and gets rid of all the muddling undertones and produces a pizzicato sound with the clarity of Segovia!  Callender was doing something like that – I’ve got to study with him.'


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excerpt from 'Beneath the Underdog' pp. 60 (153 words)


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