excerpt from 'The memoirs of Alice Maud Chase' pp. 33-34 (251 words)

excerpt from 'The memoirs of Alice Maud Chase' pp. 33-34 (251 words)

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The memoirs of Alice Maud Chase

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I had almost forgotten to mention the great event of 1897. That was the year of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The Golden Jubilee faded into insignificance in the face of this greater event. We learned a special new hymn for our Sunday School Anniversary and sang it with gusto. Perhaps you would like to have the words—


Oh, though whose love more precious is

Than gold or gem,

When songs sincere we sing to Thee

Thou hearest them.

Our Fathers’ strength and refuge, Thou

Hast ever been.

Oh, hear their children’s prayer to-day--

God Bless our Queen. 


For three score years Thy favour, Lord,

Her reign hath blessed.

When, gladness filled her heart and when

‘Twas sore distressed.

To guide her morning and her noon

Thy hand was seen,

And now her eventide has come—

God Bless our Queen. 


Now hear us for our country, Lord,

The land we love,

That we may value truth and right

All else above.

Our secret life be purged from sin,

Our hands be clean,

So shalt Thou bless our Fatherland,

And Bless our Queen. 


I think they are lovely words and I have remembered them for sixty-three years. 


We had games and sports and scrumptious tea and the Mayor and Mayoress came round in a carriage and listened to us as we sang “God Save the Queen” and “God Bless the Prince of Wales” to the music of the Salvation Army band.

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excerpt from 'The memoirs of Alice Maud Chase' pp. 33-34 (251 words)


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