excerpt from 'Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 17 Feb 1939' (187 words)

excerpt from 'Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 17 Feb 1939' (187 words)

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Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 17 Feb 1939

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Feb. 17, Wigmore Hall, Busch Quartet

I have a special affection for Beethoven’s F minor (op.95); tho’ it isn’t quite in the category of “late quartets”, it has a freedom and lightness of its own. It is difficult to see why anyone should regard Haydn’s op 54, 2 in C as lacking in interest. The first movement is undoubtedly very fine, the slow movement beautiful enough and the minuet, if a little pedestrian, has an unusual & effective trio. While the last movement is extraordinary & extraordinarily effective – in effect a most moving & solemn adagio broken suddenly for a short while by a sort of rapid chattering match. I certainly agree with Cecil Gray that the quartet looks forward to Beethoven and beyond.

Mozart’s E flat Quintet is still very unfamiliar and I am not prepared to do more than write a general appreciation of its beauties. It seems to me rather different from those in C, D and G min. & the first movement might almost have been written by Haydn. All 3 works received a splendidly vigorous and musical performance

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excerpt from 'Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 17 Feb 1939' (187 words)


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