excerpt from 'Jimmy Glover, His Book' pp. 62 (166 words)

excerpt from 'Jimmy Glover, His Book' pp. 62 (166 words)

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Jimmy Glover, His Book

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The manner in which the illegitimate version of "Les Cloches " came to be done was curious. F. C. Fairlie was associated with the late Alexander Henderson in its original production, and when some disagreement arose at the Globe Theatre, and Henderson threatened to withdraw the opera, it was used as a lever by Fairlie that there was some flaw in the registration, and that the music was "free," leaving it open to any person to produce "another version." Fairlie then commissioned "another version," by both the Moores, which ultimately only ran six nights. The strange part of it all was that H. B. Farnie, who did the original translation, occupied rooms underneath the Moores and Mansel in Danes Inn, and for many weeks preceding the illegitimate production he had to be tortured with hearing the opera tunes distorted and disfigured by me on the piano to make them fit the English lyrics of the Moores, which if successful would have more or less cheapened his property. 


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excerpt from 'Jimmy Glover, His Book' pp. 62 (166 words)


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