excerpt from 'My Life and Sacred Songs' pp. 202 (245 words)

excerpt from 'My Life and Sacred Songs' pp. 202 (245 words)

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My Life and Sacred Songs

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My hand was on the door, when the moaning voice of the dying girl fell upon my ear. " A dark, dark eternity ! " she sobbed out. Turning round, and seeing that imploring look of anguish, and hearing the hasty, half-choked breathing—the beginning of the horrid death-rattle, which, though familiar to one's ear, always inspires a shudder—I found it impossible to take another step. " O God ! " I said in my heart, " what wilt Thou have me to do ? " Suddenly, and for the first time in my life, it struck me that I might sing a hymn. " Shall I sing a hymn ? " I asked. "Oh, yes, you may ! " replied the girl, seemingly much pleased that we were to stay a little longer. We sang the well-known hymn, " Rock of Ages," and had reached the third stanza : Nothing in my hand I bring / Simply to Thy cross I cling, when suddenly the girl started from her pillow, and sat up in the bed with folded hands. Physical strength seemed to have returned to the wasted form ; her countenance began to beam ; and to our astonishment she exclaimed, " Oh, sir. He has come ! " Stopping short in the singing, I said, " Who has come ? " " Jesus ! " was the joyful reply. Had the sun shone out at that hour, my companion and I could scarcely have been more amazed at the sudden change. The burden under which she had groaned for months was, as she told us, entirely gone.

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excerpt from 'My Life and Sacred Songs' pp. 202 (245 words)


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