excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (167 words)

excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (167 words)

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I grew up in Scotland and my first visit to London was in 1951. I was a teenager and had a wonderful time sightseeing with my family, and always remember visiting the Festival of Britain. When I later moved to London, I attended concerts at the South Bank Centre on a regular basis. One of my earliest memories was attending a concert conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham. My attendance at concerts instilled in me a great love of classical music which I still have today. I'm now 70 years of age and have been living in Calfornia for many years, and visit London as often as I can. A visit to this great city wouldn't be complete without attending a concert at the Royal Festival Hall. Thanks to the internet, I always check on the RFH website to decide on when I will visit London. I am eagerly awaiting the reopening of the Hall. I have many great and sentimental memories of attending concerts at the Royal Festival Hall. 

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excerpt from 'Southbank Centre Archive' (167 words)


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