excerpt from 'Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky' pp. 224-225 (162 words)

excerpt from 'Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky' pp. 224-225 (162 words)

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Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky

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He [Béla Bartók] spoke of Hungarian folk music and of a composition he was working on, and played a few excerpts on the piano from the manuscript. His soft hands made music as strong as his face, as penetrating as his eyes, and yet as delicate as his frail body. We rehearsed, and during lunch we agreed that we had really not rehearsed at all but just played, and when we repeated anything it was merely to give us the pleasure of playing once more. In the afternoon we went through the program, which consisted of the E-Minor Brahms Sonata, Beethoven’s Sonata in C Major, the D-Major Cello Suite by Bach, the Sonata by Debussy, and the Rhapsody by Bartók. It was wonderful to play and to be with him, and I hated to have to dash to Scandinavia and Italy to fulfill other engagements, which would last until I boarded the ship for the United States.

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excerpt from 'Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky' pp. 224-225 (162 words)


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