excerpt from 'Friends and Memories' pp. 320 (117 words)

excerpt from 'Friends and Memories' pp. 320 (117 words)

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Friends and Memories

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In addition to her radiant beauty, there was something innocent about Mary Anderson that made a very touching appeal to those who care about what is essentially pure. She sang as she came on to the stage, and the quite delicious quality of her voice arrested my attention from the very first note. It was rich and mellow, and she produced it beautifully. That I may not be accused of allowing my personal feeling of affection to run away with my judgment, I will only quote what Mr. Plunket Greene once said to me with real enthusiasm: “Had she been trained for the musical profession, she would have been the ideal Isolde of our day.”

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excerpt from 'Friends and Memories' pp. 320 (117 words)


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