excerpt from 'Friends and Memories' pp. 227-28 (153 words)

excerpt from 'Friends and Memories' pp. 227-28 (153 words)

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Friends and Memories

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I never heard any one interpret it [‘When Passion's Trance‘] more beautifully than she [Edith Santley] did, nor shall I ever forget how she began the second verse -

“ It were enough to feel, to see

Thy soft eyes gazing tenderly.”


The way she lingered over the notes to which those words “thy soft eyes” were set, was absolutely lovely; nor have I ever heard it sung with anything like the exquisite tenderness and restrained passion she put into it. It certainly is supremely interesting to a composer to see how a singer can identify himself with certain of his compositions till he really cannot think of the song apart from him. To me the opening phrase of the second verse of “When Passion’s Trance” is like a lifelike portrait of Edith Santley, nor can I ever connect any one else with it.

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excerpt from 'Friends and Memories' pp. 227-28 (153 words)


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