excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 54 (221 words)

excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 54 (221 words)

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Had I But Known

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[The author worked in service in London from the age of 14, but then spent a period in Norfolk when she was married and raising her son Colin. Following the killing of Colin by her husband, she eventually returned to London to work again as a nanny]. 


Until I came back to London to work, I never knew what it was to actually live, or that’s what it seemed to me, though there may be plenty who would take a dim view of calling this ‘living’. But to me it was such a joy too. To have a shilling in my pocket to spend, to be able to go to a cinema, or visit friends and relations at a distance and have the necessary fares, to be back in London, the hub of the universe, and see the sights, the huge shops, parks, theatres, etc. to be part of this great Metropolis, was sheer joy! […]


I felt the same thrill when I joined the crowd around the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square and every one singing to their heart’s content and entering into the spirit of Christmas. It was sheer bliss! I didn’t mind working hard whilst at work, if I could have a little freedom and enjoy the simple things of life. 

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excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 54 (221 words)


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