excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 60 (157 words)

excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 60 (157 words)

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Had I But Known

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[…] I decided to visit my friends in Port Talbot. David was a Methodist Minister, and I had known Mary his wife from childhood, and when in the latter years of her school life she became organist at our local chapel, and continued to do so until she was married. […] I travelled down by coach, it was a glorious ride, and all strange ground to me. 




David and Mary were really loved by their congregation, not surprising as they were young, friendly and jolly, and heart and soul in their work, and various organisations in the district […] On Sundays, it was a sensation indeed, people simply poured out of the houses and on to the buses, which filled in no time, and emptied at the various churches. The singing—as only the Welsh can sing—was a revelation and the services a source of pleasure, and not merely a duty to attend. 

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excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 60 (157 words)


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