excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 14 (133 words)

excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 14 (133 words)

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Had I But Known

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[The author started work as a domestic servant at 14 years old, in 1922, and continued in service, mainly as a nanny,  to various families, until she retired in 1974]


[…] I went to work for a Scottish family who lived in Highgate […] I had one wonderful experience there; we all went to Scotland for a month’s holiday, taking a furnished house in Forfar. This holiday coincided with the birth of Princess Margaret at Glamis Castle [21 August 1930], which was about six miles from Forfar. 


We travelled by car, and stayed the first night at Newcastle, arriving to the sound of the church bells ringing for the evening service, it being Sunday. The journey was a revelation to me, never having travelled so far before, nor had I ever been in an Hotel before. 

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excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 14 (133 words)


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