excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 28 (148 words)

excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 28 (148 words)

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Had I But Known

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[The author recounts attending the wedding of Helen MacDonald to whom she had been nanny, along with her brother Gordon. As an adult, Gordon trained for the ministry and was ordained at Southwark Cathedral.]


Helen was the first to marry, her fiancé being a Scotsman. They were married at the famous Pont Street Presbyterian Church in London […] On entering the Church, I met Gordon, who incidentally was organist at the Ceremony, so I said to him “Hello, Gordon, you are a very important person today, being organist, but don’t put your foot on the wrong pedal!” “Oh, don’t say that” he said, “if you only knew how easy it is to do so.” He did not make a mistake, I didn’t think he would, it was simply the first thing that came into my head! 

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excerpt from 'Had I But Known' pp. 28 (148 words)


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