excerpt from 'The Journal of John Wesley' pp. 119 (187 words)

excerpt from 'The Journal of John Wesley' pp. 119 (187 words)

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The Journal of John Wesley

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I had had for some time a great desire to go and publish the love of God our Saviour, if it were but for one day, in the Isles of Scilly; and I had occasionally mentioned it to several. This evening three of our brethren came and offered to carry me thither if I could procure the mayor’s boat, which, they said, was the best sailer of any in the town. I sent, and he lent it me immediately. So the next morning, Tuesday, 13, John Nelson, Mr. Shepherd, and I, with three men and a pilot, sailed from St. Ives. It seemed strange to me to attempt going in a fisher-boat, fifteen leagues upon the main ocean, especially when the waves began to swell and hang over our heads. But I called to my companions, and we joined together in singing lustily and with a good courage:


When passing through the watery deep,

I ask in faith His promised aid;

The waves an awful distance keep,

And shrink from my devoted head;

Fearless their violence I dare:

They cannot harm—for God is there.

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excerpt from 'The Journal of John Wesley' pp. 119 (187 words)


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