excerpt from 'Journal entry, 9 May 1821' pp. 227 (151 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 9 May 1821' pp. 227 (151 words)

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Journal entry, 9 May 1821

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This was the birthday of the little princess, and we had a grand parade of the 6th Hussars, a very prettily appointed Dutch regiment, and the first regiment of infantry. The trumpets of the former and the band of the latter were so admirably fine, that this parade was to me quite a musical as well as a martial treat.  The cavalry were very steady while they were inspected, and their horses were well drilled in trotting past; […] The infantry were not so steady under arms as the cavalry, one fellow scratching his ear, another putting his cap right, &c. They marched past much quicker than we do, and their ordinary time was nearly equal to our quick march; and I was at a loss to guess how the officers could salute in time with the foot. No one, however, but the commanding officer, who was mounted, saluted the general.

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 9 May 1821' pp. 227 (151 words)


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