excerpt from 'De Nobis' pp. 16, part 1 (159 words)

excerpt from 'De Nobis' pp. 16, part 1 (159 words)

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De Nobis

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16, part 1


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[The listening experience occurs in Daisy Cowper’s account of her mother’s stepfather Abraham Varo, a tailor in London, and Varo’s children from a previous marriage, including his daughter Louie (Louisa). Daisy’s much older sister and her mother were both named Agnes].


Aunt Louie made me several smart bonnets, and she dressed a beautiful doll for me named, of course, “Agnes Louisa”. Auntie had a sweetheart when I was just in my ‘teens, later Uncle Walter; he was a school teacher, one of the most popular and likeable people I’ve ever known. He seemed to be always brimming over with happiness, and his comic songs, sung to his own accompaniment, and with all sorts of amusing grimaces and contortions, won my young heart. I was very fond of him, as all other people seemed to be at school and youth clubs. He used to sing for me “Kickleberry Brown” and one about the ‘Lowther Arcade”. 

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excerpt from 'De Nobis' pp. 16, part 1 (159 words)


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