excerpt from 'De Nobis' pp. 47 part 2 (124 words)

excerpt from 'De Nobis' pp. 47 part 2 (124 words)

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De Nobis

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47 part 2


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[In 1904 Daisy Cowper enrolled in Clarence Street pupil-teacher—P.T.--  training college] 


My pocket money during my first year of P.T.ing was sixpence a week, and it provided the means for a most enjoyable Saturday evening at the Central Hall, Renshaw Street, Liverpool. A popular concert was given, and every seat in that great hall would be taken. We sang a hymn from the stage-screen, a brief prayer followed, and then the concert - drawing-room ballads and recitations, the artistes, generally, being local folk. Then came a short interval with a hymn or two from the illuminated screen, then Part II, the blessing, and the great audience of young and not so young dispersed after a thoroughly happy and wholesome evening. 

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excerpt from 'De Nobis' pp. 47 part 2 (124 words)


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