excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 460 (178 words)

excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 460 (178 words)

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Italy Volume 2

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The first public fête, of any importance, celebrated after a long period, and probably the last for a long time to come, was got up by the Imperial Government, in honour of the return of the far-famed horses [of St Mark's] . Nothing was omitted that could give éclat and splendour to an event which marked the benefits, conferred by the restoration of legitimacy, and the downfall of usurpation. […] The cannons of the ports and the arsenal fired! the Emperor [of Austria] arrived! the horses of Lysippus were placed ready to be drawn up to the station they had occupied for six hundred years! and nothing was wanting to complete the imposing splendour of the scene, but—an audience!!! A few idle persons were indeed scattered over the arena; but the amphitheatre remained empty. The music played, the bells rang, the signal was given; the horses were drawn up: not one Vivat followed their ascent, or greeted the Imperial ears! and the Emperor and his family had this spectacle all to themselves, undisturbed by plebeian participation.

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excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 460 (178 words)


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