excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 400-401 (258 words)

excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 400-401 (258 words)

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Italy Volume 2

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The ACCADEMIA NOBILE of Naples is the Casino of other Italian cities: it is the court of the aristocracy, where that numerous class do the honours of the capital to strangers; and no where in Italy are they more graciously done. The establishment is, indeed, altogether infinitely superior to any other of the same description on the Continent. The locale is a spacious and handsome palace, brilliantly lighted, and well attended; the various suites of rooms are elegantly furnished; the grand salon, where the orchestra stands, is a noble apartment; and the order and good taste which prevail over all, and the extreme attention of the stewards to their guests, unite the freedom of a place of public amusement, with the accommodations and cordial hospitality of a private assembly. […] [A]ll sorts of amusements take their turn, according to the season—cards, billiards, balls, and concerts. When we attended its soirées, they were confined, in consequence of Lent, to music; and some of the principal performers of the best Opera in Europe, vocal and instrumental, contributed their talents to its fine concerts. The music is followed by a promenade, enlivened by the symphonies of a military band. This most liberal establishment is supported by the subscriptions of the nobility; many of whom, though they never attend, are extremely desirous that it should be well maintained, and every attention lavished on the guests: and foreigners find it a very delightful resource against the tedium of long unoccupied evenings, of which they so often complain in Italy.

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excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 400-401 (258 words)


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