excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 117 (125 words)

excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 117 (125 words)

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Italy Volume 2

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Although we heard some charming amateur music in Florence, the art is much fallen, in a city which gave birth to Cherubini, whose music, however, has as little popularity there as the immortal Mozart's. But music never was the talent of the Florentines; and it appears to be less so now than ever. Rossini alone commands their attention and applause. The Grand Duke, and his family and court, attend the opera almost nightly; but the moment his Imperial Highness's supper-hour arrives, he departs, though the scene be the most interesting, or the song the best executed of the piece. The young and very amiable Archduchess Louisa submits to this Cinderella penalty with great good-humour, and is said scarcely ever to have seen an opera through.

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excerpt from 'Italy Volume 2' pp. 117 (125 words)


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