excerpt from 'J. Lloyd Williams Diaries 1882-1883' (187 words)

excerpt from 'J. Lloyd Williams Diaries 1882-1883' (187 words)

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J. Lloyd Williams Diaries 1882-1883

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Crystal Palace Concert of School Board children - 5000 -

Conductor’s Back - Confusing sea of faces, hats, & bonnets, with the great organ towering above.

1. Hymn Sop[rano]s & altos v. full & sweet - time deficient - not precise - words not good - v. good but not suff[icien]t verve.

2. Anthem - Loud proclaim[atio]n v. good - not enough accent[uatio]n

3. Harvest Hymn

4. Chorus Dr. Stainer - Alternate choirs - g[rea]t want of precision (Hint - diff[eren]t colours of books to distinguish sections & voices).

5. Trio “Evening Chimes”

Time v. bad - but good attempt at shading. (Evans of the Lond[o]n Sch[ools] B[oar]d & Stainer sitting next chair to me).

6. Part Song v.g. fine grad[uatio]n of tone - all through.

7. Trio - V. pretty. & v. prettily rendered.

8. Autumn winds, hum[ming] acc[en]t[ed] v. sweetly given (lips closed).

9. Drill Capital effects from [...] exercises.

10. Part Song. Lend a helping hand - alto lagging -

11. Trio, Left the conc[er]t to return to L[ondon] B[ri]dge.

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excerpt from 'J. Lloyd Williams Diaries 1882-1883' (187 words)


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